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Braeburn is about people. We pride ourselves on our open door policy at Braeburn Schools. An effect of this is
that we always have parents and visitors taking advantage of the numerous activities offered to our parent body
and community.
At the Braeburn Business Centre we embrace our commitment to availing services that are affordable and
convenient. Take a look at what we have on offer:

Cyber Café

Fast Internet service at a convenient location; while others are fighting the traffic jam, get a head-start on your
emails so you arrive at work relaxed and up to date.
Documentation Services

At the Braeburn Business Centre, we understand that the business world is constantly evolving. We offer dynamic
options at individual and corporate level. For institutions and organisations requiring bulk photocopying, we offer
reliable and affordable services at prices that are better than 99% of all printing services offered in Nairobi. Take
advantage of our corporate rates. In addition, we offer printing, scanning, laminating, binding, etc.

Braeburn Book Exchange

It's the easiest, cheapest way to get books in Nairobi. Bring in a book to swap, pay a Ksh50/- admin fee and take
something new! So if you are looking for a book, don’t go and spend a fortune, bring in a novel in good condition of
general interest and swap it for another book of similar quality. Friends and family are welcome to take advantage of
this service too. And don’t forget, we accept donations of books in good condition to feed the Book Exchanges in
Nairobi and Nanyuki.

Braeburn Classifieds Display Board

The Classifieds Board is located next to the Coffee Shop. If you have something to sell or promote, our Classifieds
Board is a popular option. All our Board ads are automatically placed on the Braeburn Website Classifieds page for
the same period, enabling our greater Braeburn community to see your ad too.
Please note that only items deemed appropriate for a school environment and website will be posted.

Come and see Debrah to find out how the Braeburn Business Centre can help you!

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Braeburn Book Exchange


Braeburn Classifieds Display Board